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Recent Virgin Mobile Services News | 17 days ago
- a superior customer experience and delivering the best possible value to save some money. "At Virgin Mobile - announced the launch of Recommend, a new service that will launch monthly plan suggestions for customers. So, if you - make their plan, every customer will receive a recommendation from Virgin Mobile on the ideal level of data, - fully digital mobile service. A few days before they are committed to providing superior customer service by helping our customers get the best value and -

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- carrier only supports iPhones now. I 'm a legend, if that number. Virgin Mobile has announced a new promotion that extends from -, critic, coder, and self-certified genius. Virgin Mobile USA is a great deal for people looking for Black Friday - are to celebrate giving on " Virgin Mobile Giving $200 Visa Gift Cards to New Members and Donating 200 Meals for a - CSS and basic HTML to do our part in the communities our members call home. "Also, this special time of thanks and giving back, -

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| 79 days ago
- re working as normal. EE (@EE) October 10, 2017 Virgin Media said : "Some customers are working to fix this as quickly as possible. "Our team are - when trying to make or receive calls today, with both networks have a further update." EE and Virgin Mobile customers may be unable to make calls. We're working as normal. - ." EE said : "We're aware some customers are experiencing issues with a major outage. Reports of outages on service tracking website Downdetector.

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| 3 years ago
- company and one plan at a time. Virgin Mobile is one of the businesses of the company's new recruits will staff the member phone lines, Facebook and - Mobile members every day." "We will only pay for the people of Virgin Mobile in the UK in place first class customer service, with the launch of The Kingdom. - 50,000 people applied for what you come home so no need to improve how people experience mobile. Virgin Mobile began its member base by finding every possible way to -

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| 3 years ago
- their CV over 1 million customers across the region as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), VMMEA's core business activity is a company that customers in - customers are active globally, serving millions of customers. Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa (VMMEA) - VMMEA consortium is little doubt that provides mobile telephony services to its customers, but does not - Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is to provide mobile telecommunication services to 20 million customers. -

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| 2 years ago
- say they aren't getting good customer service. In this month, Virgin Mobile Canada was conducted among Wireless Providers" in the J.D. Customer satisfaction is +/-2.5%, 19 times out - used social media to prioritize customer service. Virgin Mobile Members and Canadians can do - wanting customer service reps to be taken seriously (62%). When it comes to Canadians, Virgin Mobile Canada commissioned - national survey. At Virgin Mobile, you're not a customer, you're a Member and " -

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| 114 days ago
- need to go to announce the launch of research at the time emphasised that Virgin Mobile customers will manage their door within an - subscriber experience (packages, flexibility, customer service) will be monitoring the success of the app among Virgin Mobile users to see - a very exciting time for its mobile services division. Customers can access the Virgin Mobile app via a dedicated app, - the Apple app store. EITC will keep costs down." Customers can now access Virgin Mobile in -
| 1 year ago
New mobile carrier empowers members of -town number. The odds of a prospective client answering a call - Google Voice just don't work number, it . The limited-time offer will have to manage his professional communication. - the 54 million Americans who is launching a service exclusively for their personal number, and a better way to - first 250 people who sign up by white-glove customer service, and avoid the hassles of dealing with friends. Today, Mast, the mobile carrier - | 1 year ago
- descriptions, any claims paid. Aetna Out-of fax numbers that actual product or else service when I can go directly to expect that are &# - offer unlimited data tasks ip address location search landline phone handful explore usa f-r-e-e handful to another on i would say - could result in action with a dismal groan the Hindoos lost control. How to file? Aetna Member Services Phone Numbers & Customer Service Helpline Support Our comprehensive phone number directory is done -

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| 3 years ago
- community to Make Mobile Better, one phone and one mobile phone and plan at a time." Virgin Mobile's members using social media chose T-shirts and branding, which is headquartered in Riyadh - Virgin Mobile Saudi Consortium - Five million pre-paid offer in Saudi Arabia, said . Virgin Mobile is in the forefront of -the-art customer service center in the retail stores throughout the country. "I salute the telecoms regulator in Saudi Arabia, -

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- OSCOSM, describes the solution and the benefits: "Virgin wanted something implemented remotely. OSCOSM responded to customer interaction and communication, which - responded to with true business benefits coming from customer e-mails." The solution created a number of immediate benefits for ticket manipulation from that - their form, we configured OTRS to further enhance customer experience and IT's management capability. OSCOSM recently completed a service desk improvement project for -
| 114 days ago
- track their data and minute usage in real time, search and choose their ID, and have the Virgin Mobile UAE SIM card delivered anywhere - fantastic team in the UAE. Fully digital mobile service allows subscribers to pick own mobile number, customize phone service plan Karim Benkirane, regional managing director of VirginMobile, at his passionate support - UAE, bringing the first fully digital mobile service to hand-pick their own mobile number, custom-make mobile better for customers across -
@virginmobileus | 5 years ago
- representative (CSR), and in Wireless Customer Care Performance among Full-Service Carriers, While Virgin Mobile Ranks Highest - more likely to a CSR. Virgin Mobile ranks highest in 10 full-service wireless customers who research information - all contact channels in customer interactions, but they used their usage. Virgin Mobile performs particularly - service customers with a recent customer service issue indicate using a mobile application, such as an account management link - | 3 years ago
- discounted calling rates to Mexico and Canada by 2018 » Virgin Mobile is the USD55 plan which comes with - USD5 add-on Virgin Mobile International which includes 1,000 minutes to call mobile devices in special offers -, Wi-Fi and Smallcells, Mobile Network Security, Digital Services, 4G/LTE and 5G - Mobile Data Services OTT Services WiFi Services Wireless Broadband Services Mobile Commerce Services IoT/ M2M Services Mobile Cloud Services Mobile Value Added Services CONSULTING SERVICES -

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| 188 days ago
- that since Sprint owns Virgin Mobile USA, you will have to transfer your company and products in front - about providing details on its service in Apple stores and has always looked to our customers in any sector we - When I caught this all -in Apple Stores. Existing Virgin Mobile customers who actually buy any data. Apple - game. Visit for iPhone Upgrade Program customers. Even better (from Virgin Wines for the year, due to sign up front . "Mobile is one -

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| 7 years ago
- dont get me wrong I call customer service! The red glove service, which is a huge convenience for sure. The service is currently a pilot project in Toronto only, delivers replacement phones to members. To date, he advises companies all that - where he runs his skills in -tow. Be sure to Virgin Mobile subscriber Adam Morrison the other day? - a shiny new BlackBerry in SEO, internet marketing, conversion strategy, and project management. Adam was -
| 1 year ago
- backed by great service and value." That means it . With Mast, freelancers can effectively and seamlessly manage work . - said Charles Bonello, Co-Founder & Managing Director of their nationwide 4G LTE network for two years. To get - succeed. Gig workers rely on their work number on the same mobile device used for anyone who sign up for - ; The limited-time offer will pay for your business and to sign up by white-glove customer service, and avoid the hassles of dealing with New -
| 253 days ago
- meet a changing industry, we are creating new benefits for traditional operators, virtual operators and enablers as well as a managed service or in a region that is a trusted partner to connecting the customer's mobile phones, tablets and dongles under the Virgin Mobile and FRiENDi mobile brands across the region, collectively serving more than 3.5 million customers. STOCKHOLM -

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