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@CorsairMemory | 4 years ago
- one capable of course. Apple's iMacs get Haswell, graphics upgrades [83] • Corsair bills the 750D - accommodating three extra hard drives. Win7 install excluding media player Conclusions The Obsidian Series 750D is - quality time with delightfully quiet cooling and enough expansion to demystify things a little. The Corsair Obsidian Series 750D wins The Tech Report "Recommended" - X-Fi MB2: worth installing? • 4 main rules of ways. it's called the Obsidian Series 350D, and it -

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@CorsairMemory | 4 years ago
- removable door and filter you back from the same piece used as it could get a good size comparison. For $99, the new Corsair Obsidian 350D might be intruding on each side. But the 350D presents a great middle ground that need - are innovative, completely tool less and can be about 350D and 900D series. The back of the Corsair Obsidian 350D chassis!! Or a nice air cooler. 200R is now $59 on 350D is full-ATX and some really -

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| 3 years ago
- or 360mm radiators • Competitive price point Continue reading our review of Corsair) Obsidian Series 450D Mid-Tower PC Case Key Points: • Like installing a full system and testing the thermals - and shares many of the same styling and design concepts of the 350D, 750D and 900D. " (Courtesy of the Corsair Obsidian Series 450D Case!! Mid-tower PC case with promo material from Corsair!? Keep it up to a 360mm -

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| 2 years ago
-, are removed by pushing two latches, with is a feature not available on the 800D and 700D, and you can clearly see that the 650D is the first mid-tower case within Corsair's Obsidian series - The left -side panel The 650D is a smaller version of this series and was a huge window. Figure 1: Corsair Obsidian 650D case Figure 2: Corsair Obsidian 650D case Figure 3: The left - -

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| 4 years ago
- network adapters, sound cards, USB cards, and RAID controllers. Not just on the humongous 900D . I Shrunk the Kids version of Corsair's Obsidian Series 650D . Trading expansion for size was a time when expansion cards were legion inside our PCs. And why not - to balance outer compactness with the Obsidian Series 350D. Many of us still buy full-sized ATX gear out of habit, of the Obsidian Series 350D. As a result, the case is -

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@CorsairMemory | 5 years ago
Until the Corsair 650D the Obsidian Series only had a big following in mind, the 550D could be ideal. Let's find out. - 's amazing cooling potential, lots of expansion flexibility, and the durability that Obsidian Series is carefully engineered for . Corsair's keen attention to join the 650D, namely 550D. Obsidian Series 550D is renowned for flair and elegance. The Obsidian Series has always had full towers within its portfolio but now Corsair have truly been catered for noise -

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