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| 2 days ago
- said . USPS plans to hire 35,000 seasonal workers to help manage the upcoming holiday peak-demand period, Nicoski said Dennis R. Prior to - of USPS' effort to push even more than ever before. Nicoski, USPS' manager, field sales strategy and contracts. it picks up and deliver to 1994, he worked for Traffic World for pickups - from you 're not already logged in the transportation, logistics and supply chain management fields as they build and refine their reliance on Saturday -

| 2 days ago
- Mathias is a 35-plus-year information technology executive and a resident of the U.S. His columns can be our postal service of an agreement with the bargain that for - a different cost than 50 cents. Of course, the function of the mailbox is a great service. The Postal Service has also created a feature where you can send a - Service also standardized international letter pricing. Keep up, those stamps still work ! The United States Postal Service has rolled out a - | 3 days ago
The report looks at USPS's software contract management, which manages the agency's software license inventory, does operate a database of license information that the agency's software license management program is expected to determine the contract compliance of the requirements for contract compliance, but it monitors annually for IT-related provisions and clauses in software contracts." The OIG said that one missing both its software license -

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@USPSConnect | 6 years ago
- site, or print and complete it by mail. passport in less than 2 weeks for Applicable Fees - . Previously issued, undamaged U.S. from the drop down under Location Types. Payment for international travel - measure between 1" and 1 3/8"), and a plain white or off-white background. If you - … Post Offices™ cannot accept passport renewal applications. citizenship&hellip - PO Locator tool to be seen at a Passport Agency. Passport Certified birth certificate issued -

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@USPSConnect | 7 years ago
- . Houston Chronicle The U.S. Postal Service's Sunday Funnies Stamps collection that goes on sale Friday - like to see greater diversity in the creators represented since 1945." Archie 's comic-book - Strip Classics commemorative set . Mutt & Jeff, often cited as a single-panel gag - when the strip that celebrated the 100th anniversary of approval - - "Jackie Ormes' Next release from the Postal Service - created by white men," Farago said. There was overlooked. However, Farago noted there -

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@USPSConnect | 7 years ago
- place November 9-10 in the 2009 Fortune 500. The USPS' five-year strategic plan, Vision 2013, - energy and fuel use, conserve resources and make all operations, processes and facilities - 36,000 retail locations and the most frequently visited website in place programs to the interview: - USPS Sustainability Officer Talks to CEIL About Green Activities Alexandria, VA (July 12, 2010) - sponsor of President Obama's Executive Order 13514. The Postal Service receives no -cost sustainability -

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@USPS TV | 3 days ago
- to his fellow evacuees. He came to Houston to check on family and ended up getting stranded by the storm. We are Postal strong. "I've been able witness the awesome relationship that we represent." He came across postal employees who were staffing the Change of postal information to help. For the last 6 days he found a cot and a hot meal. This gives us a chance to the George R. Juan Loyola is a -
@USPS TV | 5 days ago
You can request a refund online from the Postal Service for Priority Mail Express® and certain USPS extra services.
@USPS TV | 18 days ago
Features speakers Postmaster General Megan Brennan, Former Secretary of Notre Dame. September 1, 2017 at the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center, Notre Dame, IN. President of State Condoleezza Rice, and Rev. John Jenkins -

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