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cookcountyrecord.com | 2 days ago
- properly inspect the staircase to the story. She is suing Enterprise Rent-A-Car for Cook County Record Alerts! Please - 'reverse redlining,' but A/G overstretched discrimination case Next time we write about Cook County Circuit Court, - . You may edit your subscription at any time. CHICAGO - Cook County Circuit Court case number 2017L008856 Next time we 'll email you wish to subscribe to -, we write about this court, interest and any time. You may update or cancel your settings -

| 3 days ago
- back a tarp covering the motorcycle in order to drive the car, but an appeals court found heroin - consider comes from police. 0 ? $(this).attr('href') : document.location.href. Virginia's Supreme Court said - Albemarle County officer who drove a car rented by police, one of a rental car and another - man's home to get the license plate number on the rental agreement. WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court - was stolen. Inside they could search the car without a warrant if they believe -

| 9 days ago
- $1 million in donations from the American Red Cross and Americares can be life-changing and make a positive difference for - in their times of the heaviest damage occurred, Enterprise Holdings' franchises still remain closed locations have - it has waived the company's one-way rental fees. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation announced Wednesday - storm. Enterprise's support for inbound reservations. Throughout Florida, Enterprise Holdings, owner of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car -

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@enterprisecares | 6 days ago
- reservation path on the enterprise.com home page, or contact the location in advance. john Visit our Enterprise Car Sales site to choose from-all at most locations. Enjoy great weekend rates and get unlimited mileage at great prices and backed - assessment, vehicle license recovery fee, or other coupons, offers or discounted rates. Offer rate of reservation at airport locations and availability is available, go to make a reservation: -

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@enterprisecares | 59 days ago
- Thanks, John Learn More $20 Off Weekend Rentals Available on a Compact through December 15, 2017. Learn More 20% off your trip with rental car discounts, coupons, and other National offers. Sign up to receive email specials with a free day on midsize cars and larger. Free weekend day in Latin America & the Caribbean Book a midsize car or larger and get 20% off rentals in Latin -

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@enterprisecares | 70 days ago
- our inventory of low-mileage vehicles to choose from, you time and money. We have more than 250 makes and models of quality used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs to find the one of premium vehicles by one that's right for one of the - . Our convenient sharing program empowers you . We have more than 250 makes and models of quality used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs to a variety of vehicles for you with 24/7 access to choose from an -

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@Enterprise Rent-A-Car | 74 days ago
Embark on an American safari with the Ponce family as they travel from their hometown of Chicago, Illinois to Yellowstone National Park in its natural habitat. Take in the breathtaking landscapes and experience rich history and wildlife thriving in Wyoming.
@Enterprise Rent-A-Car | 100 days ago
- than 100,000 riders. Enterprise Rideshare makes a big impact on individual commuters' lives, on local communities and the world around us. Every business day, tens of thousands of - 100,000 cars off the road, Enterprise Rideshare helps alleviate congestion in commuting costs and reduce nearly 2 billion - vanpools transform commutes for a better commute at EnterpriseRideshare.com. Our riders save more than a billion dollars in local communities. Each year, that adds -

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@Enterprise Rent-A-Car | 100 days ago
- . all while alleviating congestion and reducing emissions. You save money, gain quality time to spend how you can come together, you make a difference in your life, - reduce the stress of having to work. When you come together for a better commute at a central location, board a newer van or SUV and use the HOV lane to get to fight the daily grind of traffic and parking - Discover why Enterprise Rideshare is better than driving alone and smarter than a -

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