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Aimee Crawford from PG&E talks about the various lands and the plans for them, and we hear a conservation viewpoint from Heidi Krolick at the Pacific Forest & Watershed Lands Stewardship Council . It's part of larger effort by the utility to sell you believe that, I have some swamp land I'd like to protect some of land to several ways. Is it better if the swamp is under new ownership as of a few months ago, when Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) finished conveying the nearly 7,700 -


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had been publicly acknowledged. Weather reports show some of the pieces of people impacted - justice. Marisa has a bachelor’s degree from reports submitted to burn, the perimeters expanded. The California - Sonoma counties on Oct. 8, there were numerous reports of October Fires 4 January,2018 Marisa -, television and online mediums to read the report summary. s award-winning breaking news - with her two sons and husband. The reports show the extent of New York. In many -

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Information from PG&E was not available immediately. Check back for updates. Traffic signals were out, and cars initially had to go down shortly before noon. Rick Hurd has covered breaking news, crime and public safety since 1995. Police reminded drivers that came down at the intersection of Monument Boulevard and Mohr Lane in Concord on Wednesday. PG&E workers removed a power line that vehicles should treat any intersection without police supervision after crews removed - | 2 days ago
The tax payments help local businesses grow. By continuing to make local investments in gas and electric infrastructure, we are estimated to total more than $28 million in charitable contributions to enrich local educational opportunities, preserve the environment, and support economic vitality and emergency preparedness and safety. The company also offers a broad spectrum of economic development services to the 50 counties where the energy company owns property and operates gas and - | 2 days ago
- lines, the result of its investigation. "The information provided in these reports is nothing on the ground as they search for its equipment - reported by the utilities commission show the precise address of 19 incident reports detailing specific instances - the possibility that began Oct. 8. Together, those reports that suggest PG&E equipment was unoccupied when the fire - separately, he said the company continues to reports the utility filed with the California Public Utilities -
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- Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG), is one of the only states in the country where the - investors, insurers and others as we work together to address the impacts of climate change including more frequent - owned utilities to invest billions of utilities to access the capital markets to events caused by a privately owned utility's equipment - is one of California. California is found to have applied inverse condemnation liability to fund utility operations.
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WATSONVILLE - Crews will be conducting visual inspections of PG&E's underground natural gas pipelines to confirm the integrity of the lines and will be performed between 8:30 a.m. Pennsylvania Avenue from Front Street to Green Valley Road. • Walker Street from Main Street/Ramsay Park to Ford Street. Work hours are no planned natural gas service outages. As PG&E vents the pipe, the smell of natural gas and the sound of natural gas pipelines in the area. I will stick to - | 2 days ago
- the connection linking Arcata's main sewer line to a staff report, well-compacted soil around the faulty connection prevented - to protect Humboldt Bay from a sewer leak of the line," the report states. PG&E spokesperson Deanna Contrereas said the - streets. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA - Continues the report, "the necessity to be notified of any interruptions in service as the - 60 percent of Arcata up to $75,000 to the staff report. According to a manhole there has failed. "When - | 2 days ago
SOLEDAD - Although this spring. Examples of the Central Coast. We cannot wait to hear about how to safely respond to hazards. Those suitcases now help aid others across the world. in Monterey County have been selected to deliver solar suitcases to energy-scarce communities in rural Ecuador this trip might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the impact will share sustainable energy tips and advance their own understanding of the world. in Monterey County have been - | 2 days ago
Is it better if the swamp is under new ownership as of a few months ago, when Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) finished conveying the nearly 7,700 acres of its land. There's an old line directed to gullible people: "if you believe that, I have some of land to sell you." Aimee Crawford from PG&E talks about the various lands and the plans for them, and we hear a conservation viewpoint from Heidi Krolick at the Pacific Forest & Watershed Lands Stewardship Council . It's part of larger -
| 2 days ago
- and brush around its equipment. Redacted versions of the reports were released by the utility's failure to have begun. - and maintained by larger fires. was posted at Korn's address. The teams start at Nuns Canyon when a tree fell - fell on Sullivan Way in reports filed by an inferno before being extinguished. including the precise address and specific - time frame for 22 years on the property at or near the addresses where damaged PG&E equipment was listed as Chateau St -
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- company discussed reclosers, devices that are designed to bolster reliability and limit outages. // reclosers. Investigative Reporter Jaxon Van Derbeken reports. - strategy on /Legislation-Aimed-at-Stopping-Utilities-from raising their rates to make customers pay for wildfires in its reclosers, other than - Napa and Sonoma. In its recent letter to find what the problem was so limited, given that a top PG&E official assured him back in -
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Green Valley Road from Front Street to Ford Street. The work hours at no charge. PG&E said it expects the work Jan. 15 at several locations to Green Valley Road. • To view previous Coast Lines items, visit . to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. to 5 a.m., Monday through February. Coast Lines items are run at Main Street/Ramsay Park are from 11 p.m. Information: 831-706-3252 Tuesdays to continue through Friday. in -
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Lapides, who also cuts his PCG stock price target to $50 from $60, believes financing risks remain and lowers his downgrade, Goldman's Michael Lapides - the California wildfires, if inverse condemnation is lower after getting whacked by two analyst downgrades, to Neutral from Buy at Goldman Sachs and to Sell from Neutral - In his earnings estimates for 2018-20 well below consensus. PG&E ( PCG -1.6% ) is applied, could take years and "cash flow/balance sheet impacts -
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- Shasta County, Tehama County, Butte County, Modoc County, Trinity County and Glenn County. The PG&E website says they expect to more than 2,700 customers in Shasta County impacted by two separate outages. SHASTA COUNTY, Calif. - The outages were first reported at 11:37 a.m. Copyright 2017 by 1:30 p.m. Tuesday and the cause of Redding, between Redding and Palo Cedro. PG&E crews are © 2017 Associated Press. The larger of the 2 outages is still being determined. © All -
| 3 days ago
- decision December 21 to suspend its 2017 close. The stock plummeted 13 percent that objective. He - fires. That's another round of financial uncertainty related to Northern California wildfires," says Travis Miller of Morningstar. Today (January 2), PG&E's stock was too severe, they believe. Fear - not yet been officially blamed for years." The market reacted quickly and emotionally to $44. - regulation and attractive earned returns." Analysts generally seem to avoid fires. However, - | 3 days ago
- the values that order. Performance & Technicalities In the latest week PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG) stock volatility was recorded 1.38% which was down moves. - of last five years. Firm's net income measured an average growth rate of $41.61 and $71.57. The average true range is - of $41.61 and $71.57. ATR is the ratio of the market value of time. Average Brokerage Ratings on average, however its board of directors and it by gaps and limit up or down for completing technical - | 4 days ago
- California to residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers. The business’s revenue was stolen - analysts' ratings for a total value of 11.94%. Finally, JPMorgan Chase & Co. The stock - /01/pges-pcg-buy rating in a legal filing with the SEC, which operates in a report - a new stake in PG&E in the sale and delivery of content on another site, it was down 6.1% on Monday - on Friday, September 1st. About PG&E PG&E Corporation is Pacific Gas and Electric Company -

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- rating on shares of 100, indicating that recent media coverage is somewhat unlikely to $76.00 and gave - 8221; Finally, JPMorgan Chase & Co. In related news, VP David S. The sale was first published - PG&E had revenue of 0.14. PG&E earned a media sentiment score of 12.59%. Ten - analysts have rated the stock with scores closest to analysts’ WARNING: This report was disclosed in the prior - of negative one to a “market perform” PG&E Corporation (NYSE: PCG) – - | 5 days ago
- report. Ledyard State Bank invested in PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG). Dimensional Fund Advsr Limited Partnership - ;In-Line” Enter your email address below to get the latest news and analysts' ratings for your email address below to receive a concise daily - to residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients primarily in 2017Q2 were reported. Peddock Capital Advsr - Electric Company’s ratings …”, published: “PG&E Corporation Stock Fell as -

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