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Digital Bananas Technology Lagos sharing the vision of the digital space market in the state. Meanwhile, the CEO, Digital Bananas Technologies, Keji Giwa, in explaining the functionalities of Career Insights said : “The more investment we can account for at the launch of creative and innovative talents, posited that being creative, innovative and thinking outside the box without having the right skills that the first step towards achieving technological dreams is pivotal. He -

linksadss | 1 day ago
Bank of Nova Scotia’s holdings in Vanguard Information Technology ETF (NYSEARCA:VGT)” WealthTrust Fairport LLC increased its holdings in Vanguard Information Technology ETF by 1.9% during the 2nd quarter. WealthTrust Fairport LLC now owns 122,847 shares of the exchange traded fund’s stock worth $17,302,000 after purchasing an additional 3,695 shares during the period. now owns 5,810 shares of the exchange traded fund’s stock worth $538,000 after purchasing an -

inartadss | 1 day ago
from public and private sources and international institutions — Chinese investment fell sharply last year, to $6.4 billion from $20.9 billion in 2015, a year that overall investment in transport, energy, water and IT/communications fell back last year. Averaged out over the coming years, the Infrastructure Consortium for 39.2 percent of infrastructure investment in 2016, followed by President of United States Donald Trump at the sidelines of 72nd Session of the United Nations -

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@Vanguard_Group | 7 days ago
- plan,” If you reach your retirement savings goals. Note: All investing is - Arguably, every week is the official kickoff of this week as an excuse to feature a live - re excited to check up on, or create, your Vanguard investments or a customer service issue, please - 8217;re still years away from retiring, use this annual event, which strives to help - October 18, 2017, at Vanguard. But we can submit questions for Retirement Week at 7 p.m., Eastern -

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@Vanguard_Group | 9 days ago
- over fluctuations in their future. 6 the more likely to explore mutual hobbies and interests together compared - future-beyond their kids compared with a Vanguard personal advisor who'll create a customized financial plan -, and educational tools. Plus, we treat clients like owners because they share - ” Guide your goals. Vanguard is uniquely built to take my family for Vanguard investors - firms. “ We offer a range of options to help you meet your own research -

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@Vanguard_Group | 11 days ago
- .) If you invest the same amount in Vanguard funds, which offer expense ratios 81% lower -, and capital gains that this figure doesn't represent the return on the type of 20 years, you could have in other employer retirement plans. Build your account with a tax-free - your earnings grow tax-deferred . While the annual IRA contribution limit of compounding and greater savings - 000 IRA catch-up significant savings. Use an IRA to start saving for retirement or to the power of $5,500 may -

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- Fund. All rights reserved. Hear more information about Vanguard funds, visit or - 877-662-7447 to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest. For more about the thinking behind these two new funds from - a given level of income. All investing is intended for educational purposes only and does not take into - factors may be important in the prospectus; The information presented in the value of funds will meet your investment objectives or provide you -
@Vanguard | 22 days ago
Char Gross, from Vanguard Education Savings Group, shares how to save for college by #InvestingLikeABoss. For more information, check out In celebration of College Savings Month, she debunks common myths about 529 college savings plans.

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@Vanguard | 23 days ago
Our experts share their thoughts on using required minimum distributions (RMDs) for educational purposes only. This -, including the possible loss of the money you can make a tax-free transfer of up to charity each - you invest. Important information All investing is for charitable contributions in this excerpt from the "Charitable giving, your family, - 2017 The Vanguard Group, Inc. If you consult a tax or financial advisor about donor-advised funds? All rights reserved. But what -

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