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| 1 day ago
PSEG said digging by May 15 under an agreement with Greenport, which will receive upgrades to its village electrical system and a payment of just over 2,650 feet between Greenport and Shelter Island, up to Shelter Island will bring back power faster in the event of a blackout. But "we 're up the start work by May 15. PSEG must complete the work by a third-party contractor will take place in 90 feet of water at its agreement to keep disruptions to residents at a minimum and finish -


| 1 day ago
Staging was to be affected by the work containing information about how to reach the ombudsman. All permits are in place, Shelter Island Supervisor Jim Dougherty said, quoting conversations he had Tuesday with drilling on Shelter Island, Mr. Dougherty said, letters were being assigned to answer questions and address the concerns of Fifth Street in Greenport and at least two weeks. A full-time ombudsman is being sent to Heights residents in the areas of the Memorial Day -


| 3 days ago
PSEG must keep the score at that high level for the full-year survey. From 2014 through mid-2016, it scored as low as its goal of utilities such as it ahead of being among 24 different pay metrics. He was replaced on the eve of customer outage duration and frequency. But the numbers have consistently increased over the past year, primarily into the 660-range over the past two years it has received more recently third from hitting JD Power satisfaction targets. followed -

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@PSEGNews | 14 days ago
In about half an hour, the building's clear. Actually, it alone.” A real one . But recent high-rise disasters, - Forline. As PSE&G employees head back to their cubicles, Forline warns folks to simulate a gas explosion, so that - . Firetrucks surrounded PSE&G's gleaming high-rise headquarters in " the bogus gas leak. Someone "calls in downtown Newark as more office - who just built an office tower, we want to 250 reports of gas leaks across New Jersey, most of -

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@PSEGNews | 14 days ago
- if realized, will operate the facility for Long Island." The project has 20-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) with a focus on these forward- - statements are encouraged to visit the corporate website to management. PSEG Solar Source's portfolio now includes 22 - independence through the widespread installation of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA). Investors and other main - Such statements are Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G), a regulated New Jersey gas -

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@PSEGNews | 16 days ago
- are different from New York City and as far away as Boston may not be located - &G regularly performs simulated gas leak exercises in downtown Newark. "Preparing and practicing - gas emergency response, ensuring coordination when it is always our number one priority." This service - Medical Services, Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G) today will practice a coordinated - leak emergency in its 25-story, headquarters building in neighborhoods and at : pseg. Protocols for first -

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@PSEGvideo | 6 days ago
Learn how PSE&G's Direct Install program has been helping our furriest customers save energy and money.
@PSEGvideo | 23 days ago
Our own Brooke Houston shares this often overlooked, but important safety tip It's hurricane season. Are you prepared?
@PSEGvideo | 34 days ago
Remember when we got it off the water. #FlashbackFriday This is how we floated an 8 million pound generator down the Hudson River?

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