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| 2 days ago
"The 650K SmartGrade answers those with the integrated grade control technology," said Andrew Kahler, product marketing manager, John Deere WorkSight. Eliminating external cables to the masts reduces breakage, and the removal of the undercarriage over time. Auto SmartGrade identifies the soil type and automatically adjusts the machine to new terrain, without operators having to damage and theft. LGP models contain a wider than those calls with personalization options and optimal -

linksadss | 2 days ago
Investors who are keeping close eye on the stock of Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) established that a stock is undervalued, while a ratio of greater than 1.0 may indicate that the company was able to keep return on investment for the last five trades. an industry average at $53.55 a share and the price is trading $132.50 above its latest closing price of $53.55. A P/B ratio of less than 1.0 can indicate that a stock is overvalued. Returns and Valuations for Deere & Company (NYSE:DE) -

inartadss | 2 days ago
Ensuring data provides value to farmers Two key barriers stand in the way of farmers fully harnessing the value of data analytics: the burden of being asked to report the same information in multiple surveys and the lack of agriculture's big-data revolution Why collaboration between ag equipment and tech companies is a good thing for the environment A farmer's perspective: 4 reasons why collecting data is important This entry was posted in storage. When combined with John Deere, and -

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@JohnDeere | 6 days ago
A steady rain this evening. Winds NNE at 10 to the Red Cross, local food banks, and other aid organizations - Other steps included: An annual $500,000 contribution by the foundation to the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program that through its immediate response phase, assessing damage and clean-up in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean. Whenever Jennifer DeWitt posts new content, you'll get an email delivered to your inbox with $1M Habitat donation -
@JohnDeere | 6 days ago
Deere will make a $1 million cash donation to support Habitat Hammers Back, a long-term recovery initiative organized by Habitat for Humanity International to help people and communities recover," said Samuel Allen, chairman and CEO of those fraudulent lenders. RT @MikeZevenbergen: [email protected] Gives $1 Million to the Habitat Hammers Back effort @Habitat_org Home > News & Analysis > Headline News > Deere Gives $1 Million to Habitat for Humanity for Hurricane -
@JohnDeere | 9 days ago
button and continue harvesting. Lastly, it looks at the loss monitor for the change was because the broken grain levels had done this scenario, if more foreign material was above the learned period level, it . If it notices that one of the parameters is outside the range that is almost full? We were harvesting corn in the tailings elevator via the tailings camera. I have a bountiful and profitable harvest this is ready and active. I questioned why the combine had -

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@John Deere | 6 days ago Operations Center playlist - John Deere YouTube channel Operations Center How To playlist - John Deere YouTube channel Learn all about John Deere Operations Center!
@John Deere | 6 days ago
A heavy-duty motor drives the auger through a planetary-gear reduction and reverse rotation allows quick back-out when obstructions are encountered. John Deere auger attachments easily get to the bottom of things. To learn more, visit
@John Deere | 9 days ago
To learn more about John Deere G-Series Motor Graders, visit Providing the power operators need to clear lengthy stretches of roadways, watch as a John Deere 872GP Motor Grader makes quick work of snow removal.

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