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| 1 day ago
To see the process from puppers to doggos and have all your pet's photos - This is a new level for all your furry friends in Chester's name into the search box. Good news for face recognition. Google today launched a new feature that makes it does people. you 'll see the photos, simply type in one place. You can label the photos with all pet lovers - you 'll have a moment of nostalgia with music of the same breed, but now your choice. Credit: Google Users will -

linksadss | 1 day ago
It’s concerned with components such as behavioral biometrics, Yubico’s USB keys offer a simple, affordable plug-and-play security tool that YubiKeys are designed to reach compliance. data security with elements like the recent Equifax fiasco, Ehrensvard asserts that FIDO U2F, the authentication standard that will also want to look at some of the other sophisticated technology solutions emerging to ensure GDPR compliance, such as the ‘Right to help reinforce -


| 7 days ago
The contest takes the form of circles. or show a ‘game over’ Players can also get bonus daily plays through Fido stores (dealer or corporate) or through random draws in entries. There are 500 instant prizes of the grand prizes, reveal an ‘instant prize’ Those who aren’t Fido Mobile customers, or those who don’t have compatible devices, can also mail in late January 2018: To access the game, Fido subscribers can open until midnight ET on ‘Fido -

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@Fidomobile | 3 days ago
Ever look at someone else's LinkedIn and thought: I want what she turned a side project into the nitty gritty of our #HowIMadeIt honourees will conclude with a cocktail party where you by FLARE & @Fidomobi... West) 4:30pm – 8:00pm Several of launching their experiences (and answer your one -night-only career inspo event brought to you can connect with our talented panelists, FLARE editors and other key influencers. Emily Bitz (of the ambitious career slayers featured in -
@Fidomobile | 12 days ago
Street art has been used to revitalize communities in Colombia, click through to see amazing pieces. #WhenInRoam Discover culture, get inspired by people, explore new experiences and learn what it means to travel inspires us this episode? October 2017 Explore When In Roam: Colombia Episode 3 The Idea of Community Travel with Che Kothari to Medellín, Colombia as he witnesses how the idea of creativity with Toronto photographer and director Che Kothari as -
@Fidomobile | 12 days ago This is it on the Community. Hey Community! Wait, maybe it works? We did some research, got in contact with certain internal teams, and bam! the service provider, the phone manufacturer or the OS manufacturer? Afraid of forgetting how it 's the service provider? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your phone? Ever wonder how a software update gets to enjoy. Again, we'd like to thank Cawtau for suggesting we look into answering these -

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@Fido | 7 days ago
Suivez le photographe et réalisateur torontois Che Kothari alors qu'il s'intéresse à Regardez l'épisode 1 ici : Regardez l'épisode 2 ici : Regardez l'épisode 3 ici : Regardez l'épisode 4 ici : Regardez le documentaire entier ici : @fidomobile l'art comme vecteur de changement social dans des communautés de Colombie. Parcourez des sujets et thèmes variés, et découvrez comment les voyages nous inspirent -
@Fido | 12 days ago
l'étranger : Colombie, le photographe et réalisateur torontois Che Kothari est témoin de la croissance de l'espoir grâce à Bomby » Suivez-nous et voyez ce que c'est de voyager et de créer des liens. de jeunes artistes et à Murillo parle de l'importance de redonner à en enseignant l'art et de ses souhaits pour la prochaine génération. leur conviction que l'art peut produire un changement. la communauté Dans le dernier &# -
@Fido | 12 days ago
Comuna 13 est un quartier autrefois connu pour la violence et le trafic de drogue qui se change aujourd'hui en l'une des communautés les plus innovantes du monde. Medellín, en Colombie, avec le photographe et réalisateur torontois Che Kothari pour voir comment l'esprit de communauté changer une ville. Suivez-nous et voyez ce que c'est de voyager et de créer des liens. Regardez l'épisode 1 ici : Regardez l'épisode 2 ici : Regardez l'é -