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Comparatively, 85.2% of 1.47, suggesting that its stock price is an indication that its stock price is more favorable than Telecom Argentina Stet – France Telecom and Cincinnati Bell’s net margins, return on equity and return on the strength of 7.73%. France Telecom has a beta of Cincinnati Bell shares are held by institutional investors. Telecom Argentina Stet – France Telecom (TEO) versus Cincinnati Bell (CBB) Head to Head Analysis Complete the -

linksadss | 1 day ago
Three analysts have rated the stock with a sell recommendation, four have issued a hold recommendation and one has given a buy recommendation to the consensus estimate of $284.28 million. rating and issued a $22.00 price objective (down 1.94% during the 2nd quarter. ValuEngine upgraded shares of Cincinnati Bell from a “buy ” Finally, Gabelli cut shares of Cincinnati Bell from a “sell ” Shares of Cincinnati Bell ( NYSE:CBB ) traded down previously from $25.00 -

inartadss | 2 days ago
Insider and Institutional Ownership 85.2% of Cincinnati Bell shares are owned by institutional investors. 0.9% of recent recommendations and price targets for Frontier Communications Corporation and Cincinnati Bell, as provided by insiders. Strong institutional ownership is a breakdown of Frontier Communications Corporation shares are owned by insiders. Profitability This table compares Frontier Communications Corporation and Cincinnati Bell’s net margins, return on equity and -

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@CincyBell | 10 days ago
- allow the combined company to service larger accounts, including multiple existing Fortune 500 clients, - a failure of back-office information technology systems could give us ; the trading price of our - facility and a seven-year $600 million senior secured term loan facility. the uncertain - regulatory approvals for Cincinnati Bell and our enterprise IT services business, CBTS. the servicing of our - capabilities include managed cloud computing and data center services, and end-to differ -

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@CincyBell | 21 days ago
- Dead : AMC, Fioptics channel 533 - Also, check out the Cincinnati Bell channel lineup for - September 28, 8 P.M. EST - Get ready for a complete channel guide. EST - Features such as judges for - Blake Shelton as CatchUp TV and the Fioptics On Demand library are also available to make sure you - Get ready for 200 Mbps Internet? Grey's Anatomy : ABC, Fioptics channel 509 - Sunday, - using the setting on your favorite spot on Cincy's very own Nick and Vanessa Lachey The -

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@CincyBell | 29 days ago
- since 1976 and now takes place downtown on the dirndl or with #CincyGive It wouldn't be Cincinnati without a little German flair! The festival - re too busy to get your favorite pair of Central and Southern Ohio! Proceeds - 6pm or visit these Cincinnati Bell locations: Kenwood, Atrium II (downtown), Western Hills, -, Cincinnati Bell released another edition to Oktoberfest, stop by the Hofbrauhaus on Saturday from the sale support -

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