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| 2 days ago
- it would be reached for the mall but would stand at the Karcher Mall. Follow on Twitter @ErinBamer. Burlington Coat Factory and Karcher Mall representatives, as well as the building's - delivered to audio from competition by neighboring shopping centers like the Treasure Valley Crossing. Burlington Coat Factory is planning a new 40,000 square-foot retail building in the Karcher Mall will close once the new building across Interstate 84 is one of challenges from the Oct. 9 -


| 21 days ago
A sign installer puts up .” at Del Amo Fashion Square’s Burlington Coat Factory in Torrance has forced the temporary, indefinite closure of dollars in damage. “The rain flooded over - significant renovations, said the worker. “It basically ruined over half the store,” A Labor Day weekend rainstorm has closed the store indefinitely. The worker said employees were told the flood caused millions of the store and left about 60 employees wondering when they -

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| 21 days ago
A Labor Day weekend rainstorm has closed the store indefinitely. A sign on Hawthorne Blvd. A flood caused by the unusual rainstorm over the Labor Day weekend prompted the closure of the - to open early next year was told the part of the mall between Sears and J.C. Penney that is being reconstructed to make way for new Burlington Coat Factory store on the store's entrance has provided the only public notification of the closure. Big waves bring big thrills, but also chaos -

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@BCFTweets | 2 years ago
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@youtubehelp | 2 years ago

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