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| 1 day ago
Adorama, one of coffee. shop and a must-visit at the Javits Convention Center. Attendees can get hands-on with the newest gear on with top gear for their professional cameras and digital cinema needs. ADORAMA: More Than a Camera Store Adorama is more . and the award-winning Adorama Learning Center, which offers free creative education in -house photo lab, AdoramaPix; audio professionals can visit Adorama for a comparison demo across wireless transmitters from Azden, indiePro -


| 2 days ago
As an authorized dealer of the world's largest photography, video, audio and computer retailers. The Adorama Business Solutions experience includes one-to post-installation. For more . pro equipment rental at )zazilmediagroup(dot)com. See the Canon C200, Panasonic EVA-1 and RED Cameras at NAB Show NY At this October: NAB Show New York (October 18-19) and AES New York 2017 (October 18-20), which will be outfitted with the newest gear on display will be professional monitor -

inartadss | 4 days ago
It supports Chromecast/Google Home integration as well as a bevy of input methods, which she ranted and raved about it for between $270 and $300, but Adorama is always great to use code OCTOBER17 at checkout. While it may be small in stature, it ’ll last through October. This mini soundbar normally goes for an astronomically low $179.99. Hit the source link to go ahead and take a whopping $120 off, making the MagniFi Mini just $179.99 with two tweeters and four drivers on -

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@adorama | 8 days ago
- and has won more awards than any other photographer at WPPI where he became the first Grand Master. His influence in the art of wedding and portrait photography as well as the business of a ring flash! SIGN UP NOW & RECEIVE $25 OFF AN ADORAMA PURCHASE. Based in Las Vegas, USA and Melbourne, Australia, Jerry is widely regarded as your main light, fill light or using it can be by demonstrating a variety ways it to add some extra power to create a back light/hair light and a main -
@adorama | 9 days ago
- Duration: 10:45. High Speed Sync FujiFilm X-T2 and Godox - Duration: 7:17. - video. 10 Essential Travel Packing Tips & Hacks - Adorama 7,951 views Irix 11mm f/4 - 683,249 views Digital Photography 1 on 1: Adorama Photography TV - Bushido Photo, LLC 13,493 - Travel with Purpose" How to Overpower the Sun with international NGO's that many of the world. Adorama 82,666 views - Photography 1 on 1: Episode 63: Night Shots: Adorama Photography TV - Duration: 10:10. Exploring -

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@adorama | 10 days ago
- Shaved My Head | Hair Growth In 365 Days | Timelapse - Adorama 166,984 views Timelapse Footage of One World Trade Center - Open Shade Portraits: Exploring Photography with David on Instagram and - . Join David Bergman as he captures an exclusive time lapse in Times @DavidBergman - Mark II Hands-On Field Test (vs. EarthCam 8,720,505 views Megapixels And Printing Large Photos | -

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@Adorama | 8 days ago
- 20Marcin%20Lewandowski&utm_content=video Nikon D810 - %20Lewandowski&utm_content=video Pentax 645Z - &utm_content=video Pentax 150mm f2.8 - get the conversation started! Music: Happiness - In this episode by Marcin Lewandowski unless stated otherwise -
@Adorama | 9 days ago
William will talk about what it is something that many of the world. To travel doing work that has, deep meaning, and serves a noble purpose is they are looking for . William Vazquez professional photographer and founder of Camera Voyages has been able to create projects with NGO's and what it takes to connect with international NGO's that have taken him to various parts of us strive for in photography, and video.
@Adorama | 9 days ago
EF Lens Mount - %20EOS%20C200&utm_content=video Learn more about Casey: Related Products at Adorama: Canon EOS C200 EF Cinema Camcorder W/LCD, - & EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens - Canon EOS C200B Cinema Camcorder Body Only - Join Director Casey Stein as he uses the Canon -

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